At Able Builders, Inc. in Clearwater, we have decades of experience in Water Damage Restoration. We’ve been helping homeowners, property managers, and commercial building owners in the greater Clearwater area with Water Damage Restoration & Flood Damage Cleanup since 1991. We can take care of the water damage and restore the integrity of your property.

Water Damage Restoration Clearwater Able builders Inc

Water Damage Restoration Clearwater

Able Builders, Inc. offers residential and commercial Water Damage Restoration services in Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding areas. If your home has been damaged or destroyed by a flood or other natural disaster, you need a licensed and experienced Water Damage Restoration company to help you repair and restore your property. If you are concerned that water damage has compromised the structure of your building, we can help restore its integrity.

For almost 30 years it’s been our goal to get clients back into their homes as quickly as possible while providing superior service throughout the entire Water Damage Restoration process. At Able Builders, Inc, we know your property is valuable. We take pride in helping you protect the future of your home or business with quality Water Damage Restoration. Our IICRC-certified professionals understand the importance of proper restoration and treat every project as if it was their own space.

Water Damage Restoration Process in Clearwater

Every Water Damage Restoration job in Clearwater is different. Water Damage Restoration cleanup requires a unique approach for each set of unique circumstances. Water is fluid and so is the damage it causes. Regardless of how extensive the water damage is, our general Water Damage Restoration Cleanup process at Able Builders, Inc remains the same. While there may be some additional steps for your particular property, the list below helps illustrate a typical cleanup process of a Water Damage Restoration emergency.

Call Able Builders Inc for Water Damage Restoration ClearwaterStep 1: Call Able Builders, Inc in Clearwater at (727) 219-9388.

Call Able Builders Inc for Water Damage Restoration ClearwaterStep 2: Expedient inspection and Water Damage Assessment by our licensed and qualified technicians.

Water Restoration and Cleanup ClearwaterStep 3: Quickly begin the Water Removal/Water Extraction Process.

State of the art drying techniquesStep 4: Initiate the drying and dehumidification process using state of the art techniques and equipment.

State of the art drying techniquesStep 5: Thorough clean and sanitize the area.

State of the art drying techniquesStep 6: Finish by fully restoring your property back to normal.


Professional & Quality Water Damage Restoration

When you choose Able Builders, Inc. to handle your Water Damage Restoration, you can rest assured that your Water Damage Restoration is being performed by an IICRC-certified professional. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is earned through extensive and professional training. When we are called, our professionals will always assess several key points:

We determine what type of water has damaged your property and may still remain. This could include clean water, grey or contaminated water, or black water. Blackwater is unsanitary and full of dangerous bacteria.

We assess the level of destruction caused by the flooding based on the saturation of your building, the speed of evaporation, and what building materials have been affected.

We choose the best method of Water Damage Restoration based on the type of water damage and to what extent it has damaged your property. Our team is thorough – we never ignore sub-floors or inner walls.

Our Water Damage Restoration team will always sterilize, sanitize, and deodorize your space during flood damage restoration. We always focus on drying and making your space look better than it did before the water damage.

Water Mitigation for Flooding

It’s important to begin Water Mitigation and Water Damage Repair as soon as possible after the flooding begins. It may be difficult to determine the exact source of flooding in your residential or commercial building. You may have flooding as a result of a storm or natural disaster or from a faulty dishwasher. Our licensed and professional Flood Water Mitigation team can help.

At Able Builders Inc., we have over 25 years of experience in mitigating Water Damage resulting from flooding. Our licensed and experienced Flood Water Mitigation technicians will determine the source of the flooding and begin repairs and restoration. Some common sources of flooding include:

  • Flooding from a storm
  • Burst pipes
  • Frozen pipes
  • Old or Worn out plumbing
  • Rising groundwater, especially in low elevation areas
  • Broken water mains
  • Blocked sewers or drains
  • Washing machine or dishwasher malfunction

After our team has located the source of the flooding, we begin our Water Mitigation procedures to prevent additional flooding incidents. Our trained Flood Water Damage Mitigation professionals will even handle your insurance company. We make every effort to reduce the stress of the situation and ensure you get the coverage you deserve.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Clearwater, FL

Water Damage Restoration Repair Clearwater Able Builders Inc

If you need Emergency Water Damage Restoration, our professional Water Damage Restoration and Repair team will come to your location and promptly respond to your situation. Our main goal is always to, first, immediately protect your property from further damage. Then, as soon as it is safe and possible, we begin Water Mitigation procedures. Our team is equipped with the tools and the experience needed to minimize the disruption to your daily life.

We provide quick and courteous service to Clearwater and all surrounding areas. Our professional Water Mitigation technicians will even bill your insurance company for you. We want to reduce your stress and ensure you quickly get the coverage you need and deserve. After we have found the source of the flooding, we will begin preventing additional flooding incidents with Water Mitigation. We can also provide you with high-quality Water Damage Repair and Restoration from experienced and professional contractors. Call us anytime at (727) 219-9388.

Water, Leak, and Mold Resources

Able Builders, Inc is committed to helping homeowners & property managers understand the causes & potential damage that could arise from water leaks.  Visit a few of the links below to learn about Leak Detection and Water Damage.

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